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Datashop Redesign

Improve the shopping experience for the efficient purchase of historical data.


Cboe Datashop


UX/IA & Design


UX Design Director

The Problem

The client needed to improve the way traders purchased historical data and the existing site was not scalable and lacked a clear way to purchase customized data sets.

The Solution

I partnered with the client to categorize data sets and to identify any use cases in which users would need to customize their data purchases. From there I created an information architecture and user interface that allowed for clear sorting of data sets through a filtration system and designed a purchase module that helped users select key pararmeters to search and configure their data.

Methodologies included:

  • Information Architecture
  • User & Task Workflows
  • Technology Workflows
  • Wireframes & Testing
  • Hi-fidelity Design
The Results

The new system improved the purchase process and increased sales of their data sets and subscriptions.

Sample Screens (desktop):

Homepage with Featured Data Sets
Section with Filtration Menu
Data Product Detail Page
Card Module Functionality

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