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DailyFX Website Redesign

Redesign of a global trading education and research website.


IG Group




UX Director

The Problem

The existing website lacked clear content hierarchy and cross pollination so users rarely explored more than a couple pages of the DailyFX website. Therefore, the client wanted to increase overall usage and page views as well as improve available ad space.

The Solution

I lead my team to design a modular system that allowed for scalable information architecture. We evaluated how users were currently using the site and identified opportunities to promote cross pollination as well as exploration of  other pages containing information relevant to the content they were engaged in.

Methodologies included:

  • Existing Site Analysis
  • User & Task Workflows
  • Information Architecture
  • Wireframes & User Testing
The Results

Through user testing we received positive feedback confirming that our overarching redesign and organization of content resulted in improved user engagement and interaction.

Sample Wireframes (desktop):

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